We love summer, but we’re also daydreaming about the cooler weather ahead. Needing new clothes for the new season? We’ve got the scoop on autumn’s upcoming thread trends!

Fall is coming, and we all know what that means… falling leaves, crisp winds, pumpkin spice, and of course warm clothing. Here are some styles that you could rock for when the cold weather kicks in:


Adapt those Summer Boho styles into your Fall outfits, with some ankle booties, bell sleeves, ruffles, and tassel ties! If those don’t suit your fancy, maybe try some flared jeans and accessorize with a cute hat.

Animal Prints

Animal prints were huge this past Spring and Summer, but guess what? They are going to be even bigger once Fall comes around. From cheetah print sneakers to long snakeskin skirts, you’ll be walking on the wild (but trendy) side in no time.


Break out those graphic hoodies, ball caps, and fashion sneakers when it’s time to go pumpkin picking with the family! Athleisure is a comfy, but cute, style that’s best suited for cooler weather. Yes, fleece joggers are accepted out in public in my book.

Graphic Tees

Did someone say graphic tees?! The vintage style tops have been so hot this past summer, and they will continue to be once the cool weather comes around. Just pair it with some ripped jeans and a leather jacket to keep you warm.


Oh, how far leather has come. With leather leggings becoming a thing, you can dress the material up or down! You can pair a cute leather skirt with a chunky sweater and some knee-high boots to really stop traffic, or throw on some tennis shoes and a sweatshirt for a relaxed feel.