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Lobster is the cockroach of the seas yet somehow it’s the most expensive item on the menu.

I’ve never been able to understand the cultural obsession of lobster. Having a lobster for dinner gave you an elite social status for some odd reason. Lobster is pretentiously priced and difficult to eat. Any dinner that requires advanced knowledge, a game plan, and tools to crack the shell is not for me.

I ran across a Buzzfeed article that spoke to me. A writer brought up a good point that why are people obsessed with a meat that must be drenched in butter and served with 45 other ingredients. The texture is neither satisfyingly chewy, nor crispy, nor lush like pork belly maybe.

Not only does lobster look like a cockroach, but they have a land version of itself called a “scorpion”. How creepy is that?

The most infuriating part about lobster, the part that makes me dislike it the most, is that it costs like, four rotisserie chickens per serving.