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I had no idea they meant different things!

What color heart emoji do you usually send? For me, it’s definitely purple. I never really put much thought into using it; purple is just my favorite color. Well Cosmopolitan recently broke down the hearts for us, and here’s what they came up with!

Red Heart

  • The most romantic heart

Orange Heart

  • Use this when you’re feeling causal with a new partner

Yellow Heart

  • Good for family, and not to imply any romantic feelings

Green Heart

  • Best used with friends and acquaintances

Blue Heart

  • Good for group chats and family

Purple Heart

  • This one is considered the horny emoji apparently so you send this one when you want to hook up….

Black Heart

  • Use this for ironic situations


Obviously every emoji is up for interpretation but I thought this story was hilarious… Maybe I should stop sending so many purple hearts…. haha