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When one diver got attacked by a shark, the strangers he encountered next ended up saving his life.

Timing is everything and for one South Florida spear fisherman, his timing ended up saving his life. Last weekend he was attacked by a shark while he was diving near Key Biscayne. The people he was with managed to flag down a passing boat. It turns out that the boat was filled with nothing but medical professionals.

They jumped into action once the man was put on the boat and immediately applied a tourniquet to the man’s mangled arm. The boat captain ended up calling in for help and dropped the seriously injured diver off at a local park where emergency personnel picked him up and took him to a Miami hospital.

SHARK ATTACK OFF KEY BISCAYNE -- A man was bleeding as he climbed inside a Miami charter boat with a group of nurses on Saturday. "We were there for a reason," Hot Shot Charters Capt. Sig Ozols said.

Posted by WPLG Local 10 on Monday, August 5, 2019