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Mommy and Me

One “kick butt mother’s” Facebook post has gone viral because it’s oh-so-relatable.

You ever have “one of those days?” You know…where you just can’t seem to go an hour without something happening. Whether that’s not being able to get the kids to cooperate in the morning or forgetting your coffee right on the kitchen counter. Maybe you just aren’t as prepared as you thought you would be for a meeting with a boss or client. You know…those days. We all have them.

This mom was having another type of day. You know, those days where you feel like super woman and everything is going right. Those days were the kids DO cooperate and the coffee doesn’t get left or end up on your shirt. Those days where you slay your work. That’s the kind of day Katherine Backstrom was having. Until she realized something…

Read the hilarious rant below:


So, I was a kick butt mother this morning.My doctor upped my medicine last week and I’ve been feeling goooood. No more...

Posted by Mary Katherine Backstrom on Wednesday, July 31, 2019