MIAMI BEACH, FL - MAY 17: A lone pink flamingo is seen as it walks along Haulover Beach on May 17, 2018 in Miami Beach, Florida. Lifeguards on the beach said that the flamingo showed up on Saturday and has been hanging around since. Biologists say that it is unusual for the birds to fly solo and are keeping an eye on the bird in case it becomes distressed. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

When you think of the perfect Instagram worthy vacation what comes to mind? Gorgeous blue water? White sand beaches? A picture-perfect cocktail? Exotic free-roaming flamingos?

How about all of the above? It all exists in Aruba! I don’t know how I’m just learning that this a thing, but don’t worry it’s already been added to my bucket list!

So how exactly do get the perfect selfie? Flamingo Beach is on the Renaissance Island which is just a short boat ride from Aruba. Guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort included in their stay but guest passes are also available for purchase but sell out quickly so it’s best to plan ahead.

Renaissance Island is also has a spa, restaurant, beach bar, and of course plenty of beaches to relax on. I think this might be the definition of paradise. If anyone needs me I’ll be lounging on the beach with the flamingos!

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