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We all desire to have those Victoria Secret curls and to be Becky with the good hair. Today’s What LauRen Likes will get you there!

I am remembering my good old teenage days, where I would braid or twist my hair and leave it overnight, then the next day I would loosen up the twist and rock my curly hair all day. I felt like a model fresh out a vogue magazine, except I was far from it.

Recently though, I found a curling iron that gives you the bombshell hairdo I’ve always desired. By using a hair curler you can instantly up your curl game, but not just any curler, a Beachwaver curling iron!

The Beachwaver® Pro 1.5 is a professional rotating curling iron; it rotates in both directions to give you a stylish and bombshell wave with the touch of a button.

Some notable features of the iron that makes me love it is that it heats up to 310-450 F in 30 Seconds, so you don’t have to wait for several minutes for it to be hot and it automatically rotates left and right (based on the side you are curling) with the push of the “GO” button.

Celebrity hairstylist, Sarah Potempa, created this curling iron and it comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, which is pretty cool.

Just so you know, this product is becoming the favorite styling tool for celebrities and moms. So, next time you’re wondering what styling tool your favorite celebrity is using, just know it is the Beachwaver® Pro 1.5 curling iron!