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DALY CITY, CA - AUGUST 13: School teacher Liza Gleason shops for back to school supplies at a Target store August 13, 2008 in Daly City, California. With stores gearing up for back to school shopping, the Commerce Department reported today that retail sales fell 0.1 percent in July, the first time in five months. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Today is the first day of August.  For some, this marks the beginning of the back to school transition.  That means that shopping for back to school supplies is on the horizon.  Luckily there are a few select days this month where you can shop TAX-FREE

Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available to certain states and North Carolina is not one of them.  However, our sister state South Carolina (SC) is one of the states that have tax free shopping.

Those willing the pass over to SC to take advantage of this opportunity can do so on August 2nd through the 4th.  There are many shopping centers along the North-South Carolina border for people to do back to school shopping.  One place near Carowinds Boulevard is the Fort Mill Shopping Center.

However, If you are willing to take a day trip there are some other options for great shopping.  You can take your day trip to Myrtle Beach and partake in all the many shopping centers and stores all over the beach strip.  Or if you are feeling more rural you can go to Charleston and check out all their options, like the market.