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If you’re not married at 26, then you may want to stop reading. 

H&R Block did a survey to determine the “right” ages to reach significant life milestones, and I can assure you I’m way behind on all of them.

A lot of people set expectations for big life events to happen by a certain age and we all know that it isn’t likely going to happen, however, this survey is what the majority of people “think” the milestones should be.

Getting Married – 26

Start a family – 27

Buy a home – 29

Have a second child – 30

Reach financial independence – 32

Build a forever home – 37

Retire – 63

Now if you haven’t even come close to reaching these milestones by that age, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The survey notes that 49% of respondents say their financial issues have kept them from reaching the milestones by the ideal ages.

Source: Real Simple