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It’s massive, it’s supposed to last you a month, and these are my thoughts on it. 

Charmin claims the roll will last you a month and if you don’t like it, you get your money back. With that peace of mind, I figured I should try it. I must admit, it’s a bit obnoxious. Simply unpacking it seemed over the top. You ask yourself “Do I really need this? What are my guests going to think?”

In the box is Charmin Forever Roll, toilet paper stand, and a weight. You must install the weight! Without it, the toilet paper is so heavy it makes the entire stand fall over.

Does it truly last a month? Yes. I purchased mine on 6/6/19 and it ran out on 7/30/19. We are a household of only two, so if you have kids, it may last you right at a month.

Besides the fact the toilet paper looks like an April fools prank, it’s actually really nice to not constantly change out toilet paper. You are assured to know that no matter when you need to go use the bathroom, toilet paper is waiting for you. I will be purchasing many more of these for the peace of mind it brings plus it actually saves you more money than purchasing more rolls at the store.