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If your stomach curled at the mere thought of it, ours did to. 

On the Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show we celebrate national food holidays, and brands are taking these seemingly arbitrary dates as an opportunity to pull their most outrageous stunts. On National Mustard Day, French’s has thrown in their hat to create something disgusting yet amazing all at the same time.

French’s, America’s largest manufacturer of mustard, has teamed up with L.A.-based ice cream company Coolhaus to create a product hybrid that is high in shock value. During the week of August 3 (National Mustard Day), they will be serving scoops of yellow mustard-flavored ice cream to customers in New York City and Los Angeles.

Our friends at decided to try the treat. The general consensus is that they didn’t hate it. According to writers, “It weirdly kind of works, in its own special way. One scoop is definitely fun and doable, but two scoops might be pushing it a bit.”