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This week, N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper signed into law a bill that relaxes regulations on distilleries. With this new law, distilleries may become the new breweries.

Distilleries such as Doc Porter’s opened in fall 2015 by husband-and-wife duo Liz and Andrew Porter, stand to benefit significantly from the new law. Liz Porter told Charlotte Agenda this week that Doc Porter’s is looking to possibly secure a larger space as its distillery business expands under loosened liquor laws.

“We are very excited for the new bill,” Porter said. “We are currently exploring different options of how we can best take advantage of the new legislation to help us grow our business and create a cultural hub much like the breweries in town.”

The bill allows the distilleries to sell mixed drinks and their bottle at retail. Before distilleries had to send patrons after a tour to the nearest ABC to purchase a bottle.

I’m excited for this. I had so much fun taking a tour of the Charleston Distilling Company while in South Carolina. Plus  I feel you get better deals and options when buying a bottle directly from the distiller versus the ABC store.

So this weekend when you go out to your favorite brewery, be prepared to acquire a taste for bourbon, vodka or gin. Those specialty distilleries could be popping up near you.