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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil)

So you wanna hit a pool, but you don’t belong to a boujee country club or live in a neighborhood with a pool? No worries! You can now AirBNB a pool with a company called Swimply.

Swimply is sort of an Airbnb for pools and allows strangers to rent pools at people’s houses. The site features houses with pools all over the country, and you can rent them for however long you want, although there’s usually a one-hour minimum. Some even come with amenities like barbecues, although many have rules on the maximum amount of friends you can bring with you. Rental prices do vary but some are actually under $100 an hour, so if you and four friends want to go in on it it seems pretty cheap. Now, I searched the Charlotte area didn’t find any…but if you own a pool and want to let me Roy and LauRen use it head to the Swimply  now and sign up!