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If you haven’t been hanging out with us at your normal times due to it being Summer, let us inform you…LauRen is on a 32 game winning streak!

  1. 5 months after her cheating scandal, Kylie Jenner has officially unfollowed her former best friend on Instagram. What is her former friend’s name? Jordyn Woods


  1. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello seem to be official now as all the kissing and holding hand pictures keep surfacing. What girl-group was Camila Cabello apart of? Fifth Harmony


  1. Handmaid’s Tale has officially been renewed for a 4th season & we know LauRen & Nicole are excited about this. Which streaming service does it call home? Hulu


  1. Meghan Markle is the first-ever co-editor of British Vogue’s September issue. She has made waves within the Royal family after marrying what prince? Prince Harry


  1. Russi Taylor, the voice of what iconic Disney character, passed away over the weekend at 75? Minnie Mouse