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If you have ever had a muscle lock up on you then you know you would do whatever it takes to get the pain to go away. LauRen may have a solution for your muscle spasms.

The world we live in has evolved, innovations and technologies have come so far and we need to evolve as well.  I remember when I was cheering for the Dolphins In my early 20’s. I would dance my heart out when all of a sudden muscle cramps would set in, leaving me in pain for several minutes or even a day.  There was even a point in my life I would see a Chiropractor multiple times a week for muscle stimulation therapy.

Well, now you can easily get muscle relief in the privacy of your own home by electrical tools.

Let me reveal a priceless secret that would help in your wellness and fitness journey. The secret is PowerDot, it is the world’s smartest muscle recovery and performance tool.

It makes use of electrical currents to eliminate muscle cramps and everyday pain throughout the body. The smart muscle stimulator is designed to strengthen weak muscles and create a lasting endurance, to increase blood circulation, and to make you feel relaxed.

The device connects through Bluetooth to an automatic mobile app, which influences over 10 electric muscle stimulation programs. The best part is that the device is portable, wireless, and easy to use.

The PowerDot retails for $199 and will keep you from running to the doctor for every little muscle spasms.