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(Photo by ESA 2010 MPS for OSIRIS Team via Getty Images)

How close is “too close?” NASA says we “barely” missed being hit by a massive asteroid – capable of wiping out a city – yesterday. Apparently, it zoomed past Earth yesterday coming 17-thousand miles closer than our moon.

What the whaaaat!!?? Scientists say a space rock was going as fast as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs…about 55-thousand miles-per-hour. And get this – it wasn’t alone – it was the closest of three Asteroids that flew by, but wasn’t spotted until a few hours before it passed. That’s nice to hear haha.

Apparently, we get a few asteroid “drive-bys” like this every year, but this one is the largest so far for 2019. I guess this is just a reminder that one of these bad boys may not miss. So that’s nice.