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Tinder is now warning LGBTQ users when it could be unsafe to swipe. If you’re apart of the LGBTQ community on tinder you might want to hear this.

The new ‘Traveler Alert’ feature will automatically hide tinder profiles in countries where same-sex relationships are illegal. That way, users can choose whether they want to stay hidden.

The alert will only show up one the user touches down in the country or if they’re using Tinder Passport to swipe in them. Other dating apps have warned people about the risks of LGBTQ dating in nearly 70 countries.

If you didn’t know, homosexuality is still a crime in a number of countries. Even in places where it’s “legal,” crimes against the LGBTQ community are too often ignored.

If a user decides to have a public profile, their sexual orientation or gender identify will be removed for the time being to protect them against law enforcement or individuals who might target them.

The Tinder team partnered with the International LGBTQ Association to identify the 69 countries where same-sex relationships are illegal.

As it expands to other countries, they need to keep their users safe and aware of what could happen if they keep their profiles public.

Source: The Verge

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