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LauRen loves to paddleboard but we’re pretty sure that if a shark ever bumped her she would be ready to hang it up.

I’m heading down to Florida again this weekend to see my mom and catch JLo in concert at her “It’s My Party” tour. No doubt I will also be out on my paddleboard this weekend as well, but after reading Roy’s blog about sharks off the coast I am suddenly having second thoughts.

Now, I have NEVER been afraid of paddleboarding before. I grew up in Florida and sharks were pretty few and far between but it seems like this summer has just been a shark soiree on the east coast.

I recently saw that multiple Great Whites were spotted in Cape Cod and one even nearly jumped into a fishing boat. Then to see Roy’s information about sharks off the coast of the Carolinas and I’m shaking in my swimsuit.

I have always been aware of sharks and even have two shark tracking apps on my phone, but now I am getting push notifications just to be on the safe side. I ALWAYS take my phone with me when I paddleboard and I can only imagine getting a push notification that a shark is near by. Even worse, what if I got bumped by a shark? Talk about my worst nightmare!

If you want to join in on my new neurotic obsession download the Sharktivity and Shark Tracker App.