Film Makers in the Carolinas

The Carolina Film Community is a non-profit focused on education, fellowship, and advocacy for film making in the Carolina’s.

So if you have created a film, submitted a film or wish to make a film you might consider joining this friendly group founded by Juli Emmons. In fact this group is so solid that they’ve survived the film scene in Charlotte for 10 years and wish to give-a-way $10,000 to film makers in the Charlotte North Carolina community.

Here’s the $10 challenge. The name of every person who donates at least $10 will be featured in CFC’s step and repeat annual Made in Carolinas Film Event in September.

So let’s make it happen for film makers! When you donate $10 or more before you know it this non-profit will meet their goal for raising $10,000 and in return give it back to film makers. Find more info of how to support or even join the Carolina Film Community.

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