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Slowly but surely LauRen’s wins are creeping on up! She’s now at 28 wins!


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio implemented a “no eye contact” rule while filming Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. What iconic film did he star in with Kate Winslet? Titanic


  1. Lance Bass shared that he came out to Britney Spears to make her stop crying. What boyband was Lance a part of? NSYNC


  1. Taylor Swift went live yesterday, dropped a new song and revealed details on her upcoming album…Who is she currently dating? Joe Alwyn


  1. “Bachelor In Paradise” will feature the franchise’s first same-sex romance this season. What is this show a spinoff of?  The Bachelor / Bachelorette


  1. A woman broke into Channing Tatum’s home and stayed there for 10 days while it was vacant due to renovations and Channing was just granted a permanent restraining order against her. Channing has a daughter with who? Jenna Dewan