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Don’t EVER consider going on a date with someone when they reek of desperation. Self-respect is important and more appealing, but this guy apparently doesn’t know that. The effort put in just to get a date is astonishing…but not in a good way.

The…insanity behind this is incomprehensible…to say the least.

A guy in Serbia allegedly called in a fake bomb threat just to try to get a date with a flight attendant. The unidentified 65-year-old man told authorities he met two flight attendants who turned down his dinner invitation, but he was smitten with one of them and thought the hoax would keep her in the country so they could go on a date.

Let’s stop right here for a second. Anyone else shocked that the guy was 65? I was honestly expecting it to be some idiotic 20-year-old! Apparently, guys really don’t grow up.

Officials stated an unknown person called and reported there was a bomb on a plane heading to Germany. This caused 130 passengers and five crew members on a Lufthansa flight to be evacuated while police searched the plane. It delayed the flight for eight hours and they didn’t find anything.

Personally, I would have been livid. When you are going somewhere on a plane, you usually have that trip planned out cause you expect (hope) to get to where you’re going at a certain time. These people were delayed for eight hours because this guy wanted a date and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He even went so far as to call in a fake bomb threat to do so, which is completely wrong on so many levels.

The man later did confess to making the call and he’s reportedly being charged with causing panic and disorder.

And he did it for nothing…because he never got that date.


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