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Make their favorite breakfast: Whether it’s pancakes or a delicious breakfast sandwich, your child will appreciate waking up to their favorite breakfast.

We have all heard it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but is it really?

Bustle has facts to back this theory up and it might change your thoughts on breakfast.

  1. It Sets You Up For All Day Success. Do you feel yourself experiencing that midday slump? Well, it could be due to low blood sugar. Eating breakfast could help your energy levels and boost your metabolism.
  2. It Adjusts To Fit Your Lifestyle. Whether you want a full-on breakfast, an omelet or a smoothie. Breakfast can really fit your lifestyle and time.
  3. It Mobile When You Need It To Be. NO EXCUSES! You can eat on the go, breakfast has become super convenient.
  4. The Options Are Endless. Your taste buds can be sweet or savory, breakfast offers it all.

There you have it…breakfast is a very important meal with benefits, convenience, and variety. I am not a breakfast person at all, but this has made me rethink my behavior and think, what’s for breakfast tomorrow?


Intern Darian /The  MRL Morning Show