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If your child doesn’t like bath time you need this shampoo visor! 

This week my son Cashton graduated from the baby pool to the big kid’s pool at his swim lessons. He loves going under the water, opening his eyes and swimming right to me, but it wasn’t always that way. There was a time, not long ago when Cash didn’t even like getting his face wet.

When Cash was a baby I use to have to cover his eyes with a washcloth when I washed his hair. He would scream if even a drop of water ran down his face.

Recently I saw this mom hack online and I wish I would have known about this when Cash was little. It’s HOOYEE, the safe shower cap for infants (they have them for toddlers too). It’s a visor like contraption that shields your baby’s face from the water you are pouring over their heads. Washing your child’s hair just got a whole lot easier!