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We think it’s okay to wear a used pair of jeans or a shirt, but a bathing suit…uhhhh, what??? We understand if you need a moment to stop gagging. Once you collect yourself, you’re gonna want to read this.

Second-hand stores hold many treasures. Used clothes going to new owners that are going to enjoy them. Used jeans and shirts, absolutely no problem with those.

Bathing suits…that’s a line that needs to be drawn…in permanent marker.

You may have found a bathing suit you’re just dying to buy, but it’s used,  and the doubts are setting in.

Experts are saying that it’s okay to wear a used bathing suit though, Dr. Lauren Streicher, an OBGYN and clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University, says, that it’s unlikely someone could get an STD or STI from one. “When something is sexually transmitted it because it’s transmitted directly from one person to another person, not because you got it from a toilet seat or from a sheet in a hotel. Otherwise, everyone would have STIs.

So as…unsafe as you may think you are, you may actually be fine.

Now, of course, should you choose to wear a used bathing suit, please follow this one rule:

Wash it well before you put in on!


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Intern / Lynleigh Betchan – The MRL Morning Show