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Ashley Madison released it’s Infidelity Top 20 Hotlist that reveals top cheating cities in the country… Where’s Charlotte?

Ashley Madison has a slogan “Life is Short. Have an Affair” – So which cities in the US are following this slogan most? A.M. took data from last year’s summer signups on their site which btw they claim to have more than 60 million members! Based on the numbers, Orlando is the city with the most cheaters! Lucky for Charlotte we didn’t make the list, in fact neither Carolina did… Here’s the cities that cheat the most!

1. Orlando, Florida.

2. Newark, New Jersey.

3. St. Louis, Missouri.

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

5. Fremont, California.

6. Atlanta, Georgia.

7. Cincinnati, Ohio.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada.

9. Tampa, Florida.

10. Gilbert, Arizona.

11. Hialeah, Florida.

12. Cleveland, Ohio.

13. Garland, Texas.

14. St. Petersburg, Florida.

15. Plano, Texas.

16. Seattle, Washington.

17. Boston, Massachusetts. 

18. Sacramento, California.

19. Anaheim, California.

20. Arlington, Texas.