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Sometimes you want to just pack up and move somewhere but there are certain things you need to know before moving…like how much you’re going to be spending per month.


There’s no doubt that Charlotte, NC is a beautiful city. With all of the new construction and developments, people are moving here every day: whether that’s for work or for play. At what cost though? Me personally, I moved from Raleigh, NC to Charlotte, NC for work and as a young, working adult…I can definitely see the difference. To be honest I didn’t think Raleigh would be too different from Charlotte but it truly is. My rent in Charlotte is way more expensive than my rent in Raleigh! It seems like “going out” is more expensive here too. compiled a list of popular American cities and ranked them based on how expensive living there would be.

Want more information on Charlotte, NC?

Average Cost of Utilities: $167.16
Average Cost of Internet: $58.54
Average Cost of Gas (per month): $130.56
Average Cost of Rent: $1,425.53
Average Cost of Food: $368.37

Average Total Cost of Living: $2,150.16



What does that mean? That means that Charlotte, NC is the #25 most expensive major US city!


To see the full report click here.