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One of the biggest controversies in film history: in Titanic, could Rose slide over so Jack could fit on the door in the end?

It’s been twenty-two years since Titanic hit theaters. We don’t think we need to give you a spoiler alert but we will anyway. Spoiler alert: you have to watch Jack Dawson freeze to death at the end even though it looks like there was plenty of room on the door Rose was floating on in the ocean. Despite the twenty-two years that have passed, fans still feel passionate over this controversy.

While memes have been shared and other celebrities have commented on the controversy, Leonardo DiCaprio has somehow managed to avoid commenting on the subject altogether. Until now.

Leo sat down for an interview with his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie and it finally gets brought up! Watch the below interview clip and try not to laugh!

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Intern Darian / The MRL Morning Show