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Why does Dean hate Summer Camp? Isn’t it supposed to be fun?


So my wife dropped off my son Dean at Summer Camp for the first time on Monday and before he got out of the car my 6 year old burst out into tears telling her he didn’t want to go! When I picked him up later in the day he told me he had fun but said he didn’t want to go back. I told him I understand he may be afraid of the unknown and that’s ok; new faces, new places, new friends etc. It’s ok to be anxious about all that. I then went on to ask what they did during the day… get this: Swimming, emoji making, tumbling, tag, lunch and snacks, board games, and drawing. You know the most un-fun things ever! Hope we make it through the week, if he stays upset I might just take him to “Un-Fun” camp.     🙂