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Imagine having everything you need wrapped in a box and delivered to your door, cool right?!

A taste of luxury is what we all deserve to experience once in a while. Whether it is getting an expensive beauty product you badly desire or a nice summer dress to go with the weather. Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things. Classy and fabulous!”  I couldn’t agree more!

I recently discovered a way to enjoy just a little feel of luxury at a much more affordable cost so, let me happily introduce you to Box of Style.

Box of style is a collection of seasonal styles and products sold at an exclusive price. You get a box worth over $400 for less than $100, which is more than generous if you ask me.

Some products packed in the box cannot be easily found in a store, which makes the box much more unique. Each product is carefully selected according to the season and is hand-picked by one of the best designers in America, Rachel Zoe.