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Don’t get caught in a spam today!

Amazon Prime Day means there are TONS of great deals on the internet today, but it also means, there are people who will try to take advantage of you so make sure you look out for these scams


The Biggest Scams To Look Out For:

  • Fake sites:

    • Make sure you’re accessing directly from the browser, and not through email links. Fraudulent links sent through email can redirect consumers to websites that look like Amazon, but are designed to steal your credit card data when you try to make a purchase.


  • Email Phishing:

    • Shoppers should be on the lookout for emails claiming to be from Amazon. These emails will often ask consumers to give their Social Security numbers or bank account numbers. Amazon, however, will never ask for personal data through email. The only email Amazon will contact you from is “”.
  • Gift card scam:

    • Scammers typically contact shoppers on the phone to convince them they owe a debt on their Prime account, and then instruct them to purchase Amazon gift cards online or at a nearby drugstore. Scammers will demand the shopper provide the claim code on the gift card and then disappear.


Look out for these scams, and you should be good!