BILOXI, MS - JANUARY 02: Used mattresses are for sale at a store selling pre-owned merchandise on January 2, 2016 in Biloxi, Mississippi. According to the US Census Bureau, Mississippi is the nation's poorest state with a median income of $39,680. The city of Biloxi has struggled to make progress after the devastating flooding from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Good lord. Give this man some bungee cords. 

Picture this: you’re driving down the road, your windows are down, the wind is blowing through your hair while you’re jamming to your favorite song.

You are living your best life, but you look up and see the unseen…a mattress free-flying on the top of a car! According to the comments on the video, the mattress was wet and this was their best solution.

You can see the video HERE.

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