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So many times we see news headlines and they don’t offer us a feeling of hope but that’s not the case with this local story.

A grandma who resided in West Charlotte had not been seen in five days was found alive in the woods behind her apartment complex.

The 69 year old woman had family members who checked on her often and noticed something was off when they went to visit Friday, July 5th, and she was missing from the apartment. Her family had last seen her two days before that on Wednesday, July 3rd. Sandra Adams frequently walked around her apartment complex but neverĀ not returned home. That’s when they knew something was off on Friday morning.

Her grandson, Nate Cassel, and his friend, Shawn Willis never stopped searching. Using the knowledge that she frequently walked around her complex, her grandson thought she would be somewhere close by. Willis said that they woke up Wednesday morning wanting to not only search one last time, but search by the woods of her apartment complex. On Monday morning they searched along a small creek and after about a quarter mile they found her lying face down in the creekbed.

There were a few moments that her grandson shared that he thought he had lost her. That’s when a miracle happened. After he had called his family and even CMPD, they thought they were arriving to a deceased person in the creekbed, but as everyone started walking towards her, she raised her arm up.

Her grandson couldn’t stress enough how much of a blessing this was and praised his grandmother for being a strong woman.

CMPD told Channel 9 that Adams was able to tell them that she fell while going on a walk.


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