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Take photos: Okay…this one’s more for the parents/grandparents/other extended family members, but the school year goes by fast. It’s never bad to take a moment to cherish the day, too.

Kids can’t do it alone!

We have always loved reading different studies we find, but now we have a personal connection to Harvard studies in particular because of our Roy boy who is now attending Harvard’s online business school!

Harvard researchers have come up with specific guidelines for raising overall good, caring kids. We have a strong family unit here on the show, and there are now three MRL kids and they are all three so caring and so good. Maney & LauRen both implemented these guidelines into their children’s lives so the science must be real!

Here are some guidelines from human development researchers at Harvard that can help us raise caring kids:

  • Spend time with your kids regularly and engage in meaningful conversation
  • Be a solid role model and a strong mentor
  • Send clear messages and prioritize being kid
  • Give them opportunities to be caring and show gratitude 
  • Help them “zoom out” to understand hardships others face
  • Provide opportunities to take action, join causes, and do for others
  • Help kids identify feelings and resolve conflicts with self control 


We think these are pretty good guidelines!