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A bridezilla a day, keeps boring away.

If you listen to The MRL Morning Show then you know they love their bridezilla chronicles. Even though they’re on vacation this week and can’t talk about this story that a woman shared on Reddit, we had to share!

We’ve talked a lot about crazy brides, but this one might take the icing on the cake. A woman revealed on Reddit that her cousin (the bride) called her “fat” and “selfish” because she refused to pay to be a bridesmaid in her wedding after a member of the wedding party dropped out.

Yep, in case you need further explanation…here’s what happened:

Woman A is cousins with Woman B. The two women don’t talk on the regular, aren’t super close or any of that but Woman B is getting married and called Woman A to ask for a huge request.

What was the request? 

She asked Woman A to step in for the bridesmaid that bailed at the last minute. Woman B offered to sell her cousin the bridesmaid dress for cheap, but Woman A declined with the explanation that she wasn’t comfortable being in a wedding party, especially only because someone bailed.

How did Woman B react?

It wasn’t good. The bride went off, accusing the cousin of “making this about you,” and called her “selfish.” She even shared on Reddit that her cousin went as far to say “it doesn’t matter if it makes you ‘uncomfortable.’ You’re just supposed to do things for your family.”

Did she give in? 

Nope! She still refused.

What happened next? 

The bride asked Woman A to transfer her money for the dress that she DECLINED! At the end of it all after she declined to send her the money, then she shot some weight insults at her.

Can you believe this? What in the world!

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Source: The Sun