Sunshine, summertime and saving money is key. 

For the little ones to play (and not cost you an arm and a leg) we have you covered. Check out our curated list below of the summer programs that are available in the area. Have a fun and safe summer everyone!

Bowling: Kids bowl free is a place where you can sign your kids up to bowl free. Just go to the website look up your area and sign up. The tickets will get you 2 free games every day in the summer. #Score

Make it a Movie Day: Regal Entertainment Group offers free and super cheap movie deals for the little ones.

Local Pools: North Carolina is HOT HOT HOT! So thankfully, we have some local public outdoor pools for free public swimming. Public outdoor pools also provide free swimming lessons depending on your location.

Take a Trip to a Local Playground: Yes, this is an obvious one but most of us tend to forget! Remember to wear your sunscreen and take the little ones outside to play among other children.

Head to the Library: Some many Charlotte and local North Carolina libraries offer free activities and events for all kids of all ages. You can have a summer reading session, arts, and crafts or other types of family fun! See more here.

Spray Grounds: Most areas have a local park that has a spray ground. This summer activity can substitute for an expensive day at a water park. Bring a change of clothes and the kids will have a blast. You can find a spray ground close by here.

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