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Thanks to Buzzfeed, we took a trip down memory lane of things we used to do as kids…but most definitely wouldn’t let our kids do.

Both Maney & LauRen are parents now, but can you only imagine the type of things they probably got into as kids? Especially Maney! The saying holds true though…as time goes on, we become more cautious when it comes to certain things we do/allow.

Here are a few daring things that Maney & LauRen probably got into when they younger but Dean & Cash will probably miss out on:

  • Riding on the handlebars of someone’s bike…probably without a helmet and probably going down a hill
  • Putting the water bottle or soda bottle cap inside your mouth
  • Riding in the back of a pick-up truck
  • Stair sledding
  • Bike riding around the neighborhood. Unsupervised…no cell phone
  • Riding on a sled tied to the back of someone’s truck doing spin-outs
  • Doing backflips off the swing
  • Riding the playground carousel at the speed of vomit
  • Eating raw chocolate chip cookie doe
  • Doing front flips off of dressers onto the bed


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Source: Buzzfeed