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Charlotte UFO sightings are on the rise in the last few months too! Are we being visited by Alf? 

It’s true, UFO reports are up in the US over the last month and Charlotte is part of that statistic. The CMPD received several reports over the last few months of Unidentified Flying Objects hover through the Queen City skies. Just a few weeks ago someone reported seeing a bright hovering orb over Charlotte skyline, it sunk below some trees and then took off at a speed that made it disappear in a few seconds. I really think there’s a scientific explanation for most of these reports. The one’s that intrigue me most are those reported by military pilots. They’re mostly aware of the world’s most modern jets and technology, and when a Navy pilot says he or she saw something fly near them and then “make a maneuver that no earthly aircraft can make” that perks my ears a little. I have another love, I love laughing! So let’s stop debating and have a good laugh. I found a video of the worst UFO hoaxes and these are so bad it’s hilarious. I’m not even talking about the little boy with the underwear on his head walking down the driveway doing a jig! Enjoy these, and keep looking up!