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SANTA ROSA, CA - FEBRUARY 07: Freshly poured glasses of Russian River Brewing Company Pliny the Younger triple IPA beer sit on a counter at Russian River Brewing Company on February 7, 2014 in Santa Rosa, California. Hundreds of people lined up hours before the opening of Russian River Brewing Co. to taste the 10th annual release of the wildly popular Pliny the Younger triple IPA beer that will only be available on tap from February 7th through February 20th. Craft beer aficionados rank Pliny the Younger as one of the top beers in the world. The craft beer sector of the beverage industry has grown from being a niche market into a fast growing 12 billion dollar business, as global breweries continue to purchase smaller regional craft breweries such this week's purchase of New York's Blue Point Brewing by AB Inbev.

College sports are about to get even more fun!

Big news for college sports fans in NC! You may soon be able to purchase wine and beer at athletic events at UNC Schools.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed a bill into law Wednesday that authorizes boards of trustees at University of North Carolina system schools to decide whether to sell alcohol at their stadiums and athletic facilities.

Private Universities, like Wake Forest, and Duke are already selling alcohol at their athletic games, and now public UNC schools will have that option as well.

Personally, i’m super pumped for this! I’m an Appalachian State University Grad, and my friends and I go to homecoming every year. It will definitely be more fun to watch the football games with a beer in hand.