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Get acquainted with our Summer interns and make sure you check out their podcast when they launch it next week!

Darian Young

  • I am currently enrolled in The Connecticut School of Broadcasting and working as an intern with KISS 95.1, The MRL Morning Show.
  • I am married to an awesome guy with no kids or pets. I enjoy being outside when it’s hot, I really enjoy eating good food, I love hanging with friends/family and absolutely love dancing.
  • After years of working in corporate, I decided to take a risk, go back to school and start from ground zero. Although it hasn’t been easy, I have enjoyed it and excited about what’s to come.





Shannon McGuire

  • I am currently a student-athlete at Queens University of Charlotte on the softball team! As an athlete, I’m a huge sports fan and love to watch College Men’s Basketball and Major League Baseball. I’m a huge Chapel Hill basketball fan and a huge New York Mets fan. I also grew up going to many different concerts and trying to win contests through Kiss 95.1 which made it super exciting to get this internship.
  • I love the music and sports industries, so being able to be an intern here at the MRL Morning Show has given me everything I love in one place.




Preston Berkowitz

  • I am currently a student at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting wanting to pursue my career into radio and podcasting. I have my own production company called 6 Point Entertainment where we try to change the world one click at a time. I also run my own podcast called On The Beat with P.A. Witz, where we find undiscovered talent from anywhere and everywhere and get their name out there from musicians to small businesses you name the talent we have it.
  • I love music, YouTube, spending time with family and hanging with my serpents (yes it’s from Riverdale and they’re my friends). I love being an intern for MRL because I get to learn new things and if I do get a job in radio I have some experience under my belt.





Lynleigh Betchan

  • I am currently enrolled at the University of South Carolina – Lancaster. At the moment, I am just getting my basics together. My long-term goal is to be a recording engineer, though I wanted to see if radio was something I’d be interested in. This internship has been amazing and I hope to continue having a great time with these amazing people this summer.
  • I’ve always loved music and to be surrounded by it all day is so much fun. I like reading, swimming, and ice skating. I have a loving, supportive family, a dog named Flubber (I named him…I was five), and a few people I call best friends that I don’t know what I’d do without.
  • This internship is an amazing experience and the MRL show cast are a group of great people.



Joshua VanDerNoord

  • I am a senior at Appalachian State University with a Major in Broadcast Communication.  I’ve always had a fascination with voice over and voice acting.  I’ve always thought it would be cool to be able to act and tell a story through sound alone.  A sort of theater of the mind deal.  I currently host my own Radio Show/Podcast on the college radio station 90.5 WASU.  My dream is to one day host my own radio show.
  • I love to ski, both water and snow.  I won’t deny this a huge factor in why I chose ASU as a school.  I am the oldest of four kids, my sister also goes to ASU and my little twin siblings Daniel and Hannah are graduating high school in a year.  I love both of my parents who have been extremely supportive of my decision to pursue a career in radio.
  • The opportunity to be apart of the MRL show has been an amazing experience and an even better opportunity.  I knew I would love working in radio but I wasn’t expecting to get along with my fellow interns and everyone else involved at the show so much.  I’ve only been with the show for a few weeks but I’m already dreading having to leave at the end of the summer.