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There may have been two network questions…but she got through them and made her way to nine straight wins!


  1. Last night was the 2019 Movie & TV Awards for this major network? MTV


  1. Taylor Swift just dropped her celebrity-filled, LGBTQ-supporting video for her latest single, “You Need to Calm Down.” What pop-star did she just reconnect with dressed as Hamburger and French fries at the end of her music video? Katy Perry


  1. Heinz ketchup has teamed up with what celebrity redhead to create their very own ketchup called, “Edchup?” Ed Sheeran


  1. Kelly Clarkson’s new talk show is set to debut in September. Kelly Clarkson is currently a judge on The Voice which airs on what network? NBC


  1. Bruno Mars is set to perform as one of the musical guests at Joe Jonas’ second wedding with Sophie Turner. Where did they have their first wedding where Diplo live-streamed the whole thing? Las Vegas