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NUREMBERG, GERMANY - JANUARY 29: A diver made by Playmobil is pictured at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair (Nuernberger Spielwarenmesse) on January 29, 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany. The Nuremberg toy fair, which is the world's biggest trade fair for toys, is open to the public from January 29 until February 3. (Photo by Timm Schamberger/Getty Images)

If we’re taking a trip down memory lane then we are going to need some entertainment for the ride.  

When was the last time you sat down and thought about “the good ole days?”  To different people, these days can be anytime.  I think that for some of us these days were our childhood.  Those days were a time before bills, relationship issues, and more bills.  If you are willing to take this trip down memory lane Buzzfeed produced an article about some the toys that pave that road.

Let’s see if you remember these…

  • Tamagotchis – as adults, we have our own pets now but sheesh…probably the same amount of work!
  • Furbies –  thinking back on it…these are probably more creepy than cute
  • Gameboys – Ah, before the days of big-budget video games. These things were arguably better than modern game systems. You could bring them to school and even trade games with friends for the weekend!
  • EZ bake ovens – How desirable were these things? Wonder if anybody who owned one ended up as a chef? Bon-A-Petit!


  • Pokemon cards – Who remembers binders full of these things? Did anybody ever go to Books-A-Million (that’s a flashback in itself) to trade cards on the weekend? Just me…okay then.
  • Bop It – How frustrating was it to twist that one lever the wrong way? This was kind of like musical chairs but it made you exert much more physical violence, gave you bruised egos and even ended a friendship or two
  • Hit Clips – THESE WERE LIFE!
  • Lite-Brite – How fun was these?