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Starting the week with a win is a good sign! Let’s all have a good week! LauRen is now up to eight wins.

  1. O.J. Simpson is officially on Twitter and the Twitterverse is unsure how they feel about it. What sport did O.J. Simpson play? Football


  1. Yesterday was Prince Harry’s first Father’s day and we are sure Meghan Markle made it memorable for him. What is the first name of their baby boy? Archie


  1. Justin Timberlake and Halsey were both honored to be recognized by Songwriters Hall of Fame. Halsey may not be married yet but JT is…who is he married to? Jessica Biel


  1. Drake dropped new music over the weekend in celebration of his team winning the NBA Championship. True or false: his team is the Golden State Warriors? False: Toronto Raptors


  1. The 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards will air tonight and we are thinking that this HBO show that just ended for good will take “Best Show.” Which HBO show are we talking about? Game of Thrones