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As a father of 2, I feel I’m obligated to help you out…here’s the Father’s Day Playbook for dad…

Dad’s who usually cook the Sunday meal each week will tell you they want to do it again for Father’s Day. I’d like you to tell him “no, we’re actually going out to eat,” or even better “don’t worry about dinner hon, I ordered pizza and wings!”

If dad has been putting something off for a few weeks ie: “The Honey Do List” give him a break, on Father’s Day don’t ask him to fix that leaky pipe in the sink, or the creeky step. Let dad forget that list like he usually does anyway – but this time don’t get on him for it.

Dad may want to go out and play golf, tennis, go for a run or whatever his hobby is… Then, and now here’s the big one… He may want to hang with his crew and have a drink, or a bite and that’s OK. He may not come right home, and if you don’t have set plans let dad enjoy the few hours away from the fam!


Remember “Happy Dad, Happy Life”