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A waitress in Northern Spain charged a customer $11 for being annoying, and we’re on board for it.

You know here on The MRL Morning Show we love our service industry people, and strongly believe in tipping well and being respectful to all people.

Being a waitress is hard because of all the different tables you have to work and all the different families you have to deal with but have you ever been charged for being loud or annoying? A waitress in Northern Spain charged a customer an extra $11 after he reportedly gave her a hard time during her shift.

The bill came with a note that said, “Por tocar los cojones,” which literally translates to “for touching testicles” or for being annoying to someone.

The customer ordered a round of drinks for $14. When the bill was presented to him, there was $11 added, along with the note. Turns out the customer was actually her boss and they both had a good laugh over it. The boss did end up paying the entire will but the surcharge and all.

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Intern Shannon- The MRL Morning Show