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Funny Wake-Up Call: Speaking of waking up, if your child uses their cell phone as an alarm, call their phone a la a hotel wake-up call, and have a funny message ready. Sure…they may be a bit groggy and grumpy, but we guarantee they’ll look back on the wake-up call as a funny memory.

We have all heard the saying, “The early bird gets the worm,” but a new poll taken by Sleepopolis reveals waking up early makes for a healthier and wealthier life.

DON’T HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON! Here are tips to help motivate you to a possibly healthier and wealthier life.

  • Rise and Shine – Wake up a couple of hours early, hit the gym and get those juices flowing. Or even exercising at home, just get going.
  • Lights Out – Give your body the sign its time to shut down. Cut off all the lights, that means the TV and the phone. Create a dark space.
  • Stick to a Schedule – Give yourself a bedtime! Your not a kid but even adults sometimes need a schedule for rest.
  • Move Up Your Meals – No eating after 7 pm! This also goes for snacking too.

I am an early riser but I don’t wake up to exercise, not even at home. But I must say, these are not too challenging or hard so I will give them a try, it definitely worth it.

If you are not an early riser, it’s not too late to start. Try some or all of the tips to maximize your health and wealth capacity.

Are you willing to give these tips a try for a healthier and wealthier life? Which one of the tips would be a challenge for you?


Intern Darian / MRL Morning Show