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Five wins! Which is half of 10, which is 1/10 of 100! Slowly but surely getting there!

  1. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth celebrated their 10-year anniversary yesterday. True or false: they’re now married? True


  1. This iconic California festival just announced their 2020 dates and have the first round of tickets going on sale this Friday. Coachella


  1. Katy Perry & this “Look What You Made Me Do” pop star have been known to have beef in the past but Katy Perry posted on IG that they are in “peace at last.” Which pop star Is she now friends with? Taylor Swift


  1. It looks like Selena Gomez fans may not have to wait much longer for their music. She says her album is finally done. Selena Gomez was known for dating Justin Bieber, but what other celebrity did she publically date for a while? The Weeknd


  1. Simon Cowell hit his America’s Got Talent golden buzzer last night. Simon was an original judge on what singing competition show that now has judges like Luke Bryan & Lionel Richie? American Idol