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Father’s Day is just a couple of days away… if you know a first-time dad, we’ve got the perfect gift that will make it a very special Father’s day for them! 

Living with a newborn means sleepless nights, having a messy house, hectic days, but getting to celebrate your first Father’s Day as a dad kind of makes up for everything.  You have to constantly feed your baby and both moms and dads may need some backup while trying to get the hang of being a parent. Since Father’s Day is just days away, a new dad you know may need a New Dad Survival Kit.

This gift can easily be personalized based on their personality, their needs, and the gender of the baby. You order the engraved keepsake box from Etsy and then you can fill it with all the essentials you think a first-time father needs. Some of the things you put in the kit are obvious choices like coffee, diapers, and beer for his long days. It would be great to fill it with a lot of father-related items, like a pacifier, so he doesn’t have to constantly look for one. From Advil to tiny airplane-size bottles of liquor, you can stock it with anything you think is right for the new father.

Having a newborn isn’t easy, but you can definitely help a dad cope with the effects of living with a new baby. Fill it with stuff you think he’d enjoy during a long day of parenting that any new dad would love to unwrap this Father’s Day.

What would you put in a new dad survival kit? Or what would you of wanted in your survival kit? Tweet us! @themrlshow

Intern Shannon- The MRL Morning Show