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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

We all have things that just get under our skin and cause us to get more worked up than we need to. We have a list of twenty-three things that get under our skin that we can all agree on!

Everybody has their pet peeves, but these things are things many of us can relate to and understand.


  1. When a song on Spotify or Apple Music suddenly skips freezes – Honestly, I’ll just sit there like, can I please have my moment of happiness?
  2. When you THINK you’re charging your phone…then realize it wasn’t actually plugged in right – Kind of like when you thought you hit send on that last text…but didn’t, except your phone’s life is at stake.
  3. When you have soap on your hands and the automated faucet won’t work – Dear Faucet, I would like to wash my hands sometime soon, like before I turn eighty. Sincerely, Everyone.
  4. When you put a toilet seat cover on and it immediately gets flushed down ’cause it’s automated – Automated toilets are a pain in general. They always go before you need them to, like thanks for the enthusiasm, but I wasn’t done yet.
  5. When you want to reply back, but stop texting ’cause you see the other person texting — then they take FOREVER! – Could you not have finished your thoughts in the last text?
  6. When you respond to a text, but they beat you to it with another text – Um, could you take a breath for a sec? It’s a conversation, not a monologue.
  7. When you Insta-snoop, but the person whose account you want to see has it on private – What’s the point of having an account if no one sees it?
  8. When your Uber or LYFT is about to pick you up and then all of a sudden they cancel – You accepted…cancellation is not an option…I have places to be!!
  9. When you only packed a carry-on bag to avoid checking one, but there’s no overhead bin space – When you try your best, but you don’t succeed…um, life, could you not?
  10. When the plane hasn’t even left the gate yet and the person in front of you already has reclined their seat – Your relaxation should begin when we see clouds!!
  11. When you’re excited to see Amazon has the product you want at a better price, but then realize it’s not on Prime – Let the depression begin.
  12. When you buy something on Amazon and then see it at the store for way cheaper – Amazon! Why have you forsaken me!!
  13. When you want to look at an item at the store, but another person is looking at it and won’t move – I give you two minutes or I go home.
  14. When you get tagged in a bad photo and your friend puts it up on Instagram – You are supposed to be my friend, use your eyes!!
  15. When you go hungry to a party “cause there is going to be food,” and the host(s) has barely anything to eat other than very light snacks – This gathering cannot be considered a party if a plentiful feast is not present.
  16.  When you go to the store specifically for one product and it’s out of stock – You had one job!!
  17. When you tear the packaging apart for an online order only to realize you needed it in one piece to return the item – That’s when I have to go digging through past packages and hope something will work.
  18. When you order something online and it looks nothing like what you expected – …Their photoshop skills are impressive.
  19. When you realize there is no toilet paper while you’re using the bathroom – If you have your phone, you have hope a friend can come to the rescue.
  20. When you go throw some food away and end up spilling it outside the trash can – Either you have awful aim…or it was a defective trashcan. Yeah, probably the latter.
  21. When there is one parking space left in a lot, but you can’t park in it ’cause a car is taking up both spaces – People!! Learn how to drive!!
  22. When you’re at a restaurant and the table next to yours orders after you and gets their food before you – Um, waiter, could you number your orders correctly? We were here first. 
  23. When you watch the commercial ahead of the video you want to see and another commercial pops up immediately – Like, you weren’t invited, you can leave now.


So many of us can relate to these and can agree the world would be a better place without these experiences.


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Intern / Lynleigh Betchan – The MRL Morning Show