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Because of our carbon print, the world could end in 2050 according to the book, “Climate Code Red”. So, what can we do to add longevity to the world we now live in and enjoy?

Okay, let’s try to extend the life of our world by implementing some of these doable tips published by, Mental Floss.

  1. Stop Eating Grass Feed Beef. It sounds like the right thing to do….right? But it still contributes to 33% of greenhouse gases from cud-chewing animals. Going meatless is a total fix for this one, even if it is just one-day every now and again!
  2. Fly Coach. Although flying is not recommended flying coach is a better option and puts fewer emissions into the environment.
  3. Shop At 2nd Hand Stores. The fashion industry contributes a surprising 1+ billion tons of greenhouse gasses per year! Shopping at a thrift store would cut down on this tremendously.
  4. Bike When You Need To Go. Bikes don’t release CO2 but neither does walking, when possible.
  5. Hang Your Clothes To Dry. WOW! Who knew, dryers emit CO2.
  6. Unplug Appliances You Don’t Use. When appliances are plugged in they still consume energy even when it’s not actually on or in use. Unplug when unused.
  7. Carpool. Load up and fill empty seats to help reduce car emissions if biking or walking’s not an option.
  8. Use Curtains As Temperature Control. This would cut down on your electricity use.

Not sure if I buy into this whole 2050 prediction but I have noticed areas where I can lessen my carbon print. The biggest one I would have a problem with is hanging my clothes out to dry. We did hang our clothes out to dry growing up but I don’t think that is something that I would do today. But I will start today doing my part.

There’s an actual website where you can check out your carbon footprint, check it out & be aware here.


Intern Darian / The MRL Morning Show