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The online dating app, Bumble, announced they’re opening a coffee/wine bar.

Bumble announces a coffee/wine bar opening in New York, to help people meet each other. If you’re skeptical about online dating but want to put yourself out there to meet new people, this might be the place for you. Before dating, most people likely met their significant others in a bar or some type of public establishment, and now Bumble is determined to make that happen again.

Bumble is opening their coffee/wine bar in New York and is expected to open in Manhattan’s SoHo area in the fall, and will serve as a coffee house during the day, and then switch to a bar with food at night, with the options geared specifically toward the dating crowd. “No spaghetti, nothing that would be awkward on a first date,” Bumble’s chief of staff, Carolina Ellis Roche, shares.

Bumble Brew doesn’t only want to work on dating, although there will be a lot of two-top seating for couples. They want to expand from just dating to networking, with the establishment set to offer a variety of programming, including BFF parties, networking events, chef demos, date nights and more. There will also be a communal table to satisfy groups.

Bumble is an Austin-based company and decided to open their first spot in Manhattan because New York has the most active market, with over 40% of their 60 million-plus users residing in the Big Apple.

This isn’t the first time Bumble has made physical space for users. Two years ago, the company launched Hive, also in Soho, which was a pop-up shop offering food, drink, and seminars geared towards women on such topics as technology, health, and relationships. The places were packed. They had a place in Los Angeles on Melrose Place that was successful enough to be extended several months.

Bumble is not in this to make a profit, given SoHo’s rent and menu prices. They will offer around 15 wines by the glass from $12 to $16, as well as a list of bottles. They’ll be good quality while being familiar varietals such as pinot noir from regions whose names people will feel comfortable pronouncing. Bumble has plans to expand Bumble Brew. “Absolutely, this is a concept we want to roll out. We have big plans for Austin as well, but want to wait until we debut our new HQ/campus in 2020,” says Ellis Roche.

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